Funny Little Boy Has The Silliest Reason For Never Wanting To Get Married

Whenever my family has big plansfor the holidays or simple celebrations, I tend to spend most of my time hanging out with my youngest cousins.I just love hearinghow they see things fromtheir hilarious perspective!

My favorite moment has to be when my cousin Katie and I were bonding over a shared love for the pop band One Direction. I showed her the background of my phone featuring my favorite member, Harry Styles, and taught her how to do the same on her devices. She then promptly told me how I should totally marry him. Of course, I couldn’t agree more, but sadly, that’seasier said than done.

Logic works a bitdifferently in their minds. She couldn’t see any problem with me tracking down a superstar and convincing him to spend the rest of his life with me,but the little boy in the clip below has much different opinions when it comes to matrimony. In fact, he insists he willnever get married, even though he does want to be a fathersome day.

His humorously passionate spiel happened over a yummy pizza dinner withhis brotheranddad, but it’s the kiddo’s reasoning behind his admonishment that really makes this so priceless. I won’t spoil it for you, but itactually kind of makes sense!

While he explains exactly why he’d be “scared” to walk down the aisle, his brother makes me giggle just as much with his vacant stare and focus on finishing his slice rather than rant about wedding bells.

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