Snowfox The Screenless Phone Could Completely Change Modern Parenting

Children today grow up so much differently than they did even just 10or 20 years ago.

The way that technology has skyrocketed and advanced in this day and age has greatly impacted how we all live our lives. But should modern technology change how children use their imagination and explore their world?

While there are many advantages to children having access to information with the touch of a screen, there’s no real need for them to have constant access to everything. Children should learn to find answers on their own, how to interact with each other face-to-face, and how to enjoy bona fide, real-life sunshine without feeling like they’re missing an appendage without their smartphone in hand.

The age ofkids usingsmartphones is getting younger and youngeras the years go on.Many of them are constantly glued to their screens, whether they’re playing games or chatting with their friends online.

However, today,it’s pretty much crucial to have a cell phone in order to have any semblance of independence. We’ve grown so accustomed to being connected in theblink of an eye. So, how do you let your child become their own person and go out into the world, while also keeping them from becoming fully dependent on a smartphone?

Haltian has developed a device called Snowfox that will allow parents to keep in touch with their kids while giving them the freedom to go out and live their lives with independence.

Would you get this for your child?

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