Man With Embarrassing Pants Stain Is Caught On Camera By Google Street View

No matter where we are, chances are likely that there is at least one camera pointed at us. Usually, it’s an establishment’s security precaution, butyou can occasionally spota quirky looking Google vehicle cruising around snapping photos for their Street View maps.

I’ve only seen one cross my path once, but I was able to discover a blurry image of my brother at his old home a few years back. Unfortunately for the man who was recently captured in Houston, TX, standing on the sidewalk, the super tech company’stiming was much less than ideal.

Despite his face being obscured in the image, as Google does for everyone, Joshua Justice has come forward as the man who was caught with an unfortunate stain on the front of his pants.

The image has gone viral since being discovered and while it certainly looks like Justice had experienced a bladder malfunction moments before they arrived, he claims to have a much less embarrassing explanation.

According to Justice, he had just spilled a bottle of cleaning liquid on his khakis and stepped outside to allow the sun to dry it for him. It sounds like a legitimate story, but many people, like the anchors in the clip below, remain unconvinced.

Either way, he seems to be taking the whole thing in stride.

Check out the clip to hear more from Justice’s point of view.

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