Mom Misses Twin Sons First Steps While On Her Phone, So She Locks Up All Her Gadgets

How many times have you noticed yourself getting so distracted by your phone that you miss complete chunks of a real conversation, something you’re watching on TV, or, like the mom in the clip below, an important milestone for your family?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. The addictive phones and tablets and other gadgets just suck you in until you notice how much time has actually passed by with your eyes glued to the screen.

That’s what New Jersey mom Iris Tirri is hoping to avoid now that she’s ditching all of her modern day electronics and going back to the basics. That means a phone with actual buttons and a Polaroid camera. She even bought a record player!

The blast from the past wasn’t inspired by her affection for days gone by. Instead, Iris explains how she was heartbroken to miss one of her twin son’s first step because she was too absorbed by herFacebook newsfeed.

Her older daughter yelled to get her attention, but Iris wasn’t fast enough to catch the moment before little Frankie tumbled back down to the floor again.

So to re-focus her perspective on what’s really important,she has decided to lock up all of her devices for one full year.

Take a look to hear more from the determined mama.

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